About Our Skincare Products

Our Opulent Plant Based Skincare Line, is designed to transform signs of aging for all skin types. Our range of luxury products provide an effortless, natural skin glow.

Our Classic Anti-Aging moisturizer rich in aloe, collagen, oatmeal and Vitamin E soothes and calms sensitive skin, helps to prevent dryness while leaving skin feeling smooth and not greasy. 

Our Regal Trio Collection is a 3 Step System that provides an all-over fresh youthful looking natural glow.  It consist of a Botanical Cleanser, Botanical Firming Toner and Jojoba Day Moisturizer. The formula combination is derived from coconut and sugar beets, chamomile, cucumber, Japanese green tea, grapefruit seed extract and aloe. It also features avocado, Shea butter, grape seed and jojoba providing a soft finish and fortifies smooth makeup application. 

Our Firming Face/Eye serum is a game-changer, specifically effective in reducing dark circles under eyes, it also firms and tightening the entire eye area. Our oil-free serum improves skin appearance, and helps prevent visible signs of aging. It contains peptides which provide significant anti-aging benefits.